Color Theory - A Work in Progress

from by Electro Freaks




This is my unfinished symphony
Yes it's a little pretentious
But humor me
Try not to laugh
I'll fix it in a second
In the second draft
Like a promise from a lifelong friend
The process has a beginning but no clear end
This isn't math

It's hard enough to collect my thoughts
With all the rules of behavior
The shoulds and oughts that guide our ways
Confused like hamsters circling
In a dead end maze
Wrapped up in cosmic uncertainty
Our actions trailing off into infinity
Like summer rays

We're still imperfect but we've grown
A broken contraption
Flesh and bone
Making it up as we go along
In formless fleeting moments of magnificence
Remember nothing we are is set in stone
We're still imperfect but we've grown
Homeless at heart
Everything is temporary
Chasing perfection on the road to damnation
Without a script or storyline
Forever a work in progress

Sometimes I catch myself mid-mistake and wonder
"If I twist this that way will it break?"
And then it does
Don't ask me why I did it
I'll say "just because"
Failure to act or participate
Is like expecting to high five the hand of fate
In latex gloves

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission
Better when faced with a proposition
Start with yes
There will be time to question
Time to second guess
Sometimes the mind has to disengage
Or fear will rattle the bars of your mental cage
And stage your death.


from EFP Vol 08: Homecoming, released June 1, 2016



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